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PLEASE NOTE: We are covering deliveries for locals in the ip12 and IP13, up to around Wickam Market, Rendlesham, Butley Hollesley and Sutton area. We can cover most of Ipswich and also Felixtowe. Other areas, we sadly can’t at this time. More information coming soon. 💚

A 2.5kg bag of roughly 8 mixed chicken pieces; thighs, breast, legs and some wings thrown in for good measure —perfect for reheating or in salads through the summer months.

This cooked chicken has been previously frozen.

It should be kept in the freezer and used before the “use by” date on the bag.

If not used before that date, then if should be disposed of and not eaten.

Contains Gluten

NOTE: If the chicken shows any signs of defrosting on delivery – or if you have defrosted it – DO NOT RE-FREEZE.

Defrost thoroughly before consumption – ideally covered on a plate in a fridge.

Do not leave in a warm room to defrost.

Can be reheated in the centre of a pre-heated oven –  180C/gas 4/Fan 170 – for around 25 minutes.

Cover with foil to retain moisture and check carefully – different sized pieces will take different times to get up to temperature. Check all food is piping hot before consumption.

We don’t recommend using a microwave to re-heat.

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